You made yourself a laughing stock by promising to fight corruption in Ghana, Ben Bruce tells Buhari

Ben Murray-Bruce, senator representing Bayelsa east constituency, says President Muhammadu Buhari made himself a laughing stock by promising to fight corruption in another nation, while the social vice is increasing in Nigeria.

BuhariBuhari, who was in Ghana on Tuesday to mark the country’s 61st independence anniversary, was quoted to have said he would help the west-African country fight corruption.

‘‘Your Excellency can be assured that you have a good partner in me as I look forward to any form of collaboration between Nigeria and Ghana in tackling the menace of endemic corruption,” Buhari reportedly told President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana.

Reacting to Buhari’s promise, Bruce made reference to Transparency International’s report that corruption is getting worse in Nigeria.

In a tweet, Bruce told Buhari that charity begins at home, while urging him to lead by example by fighting corruption, “not opposition”.

“Rather than promise to help Ghana fight corruption, show by example that you are fighting corruption, and not opposition in Nigeria,” Bruce said.

“If corruption is increasing in your nation, you make yourself a laughing stock if you promise to fight it in another nation. Charity begins at home.” “The major challenge facing President Buhari’s anti-corruption war is that for almost three years, it has been delivering activity instead of delivering results.

“They have been making noise instead of making news. They‘ve been practising propaganda instead of setting proper agenda.”


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