Wife flees home after husband discovers her nude photos with another man

A woman married  for 16 years has packed out of her husband’s home after he discovered her nude photos with another man on her mobile phone.

40-year-old Tawanda Kashaya said his wife, Caroline packed out of the house after he confronted her with the nude photos.

He said, “I do not know where she is right now. I have tried calling her number but it is not going through.

“She is calling me with a private number and each time she calls she says I am angry at her because of what she did. I have reached out to her relatives but they are saying they have no idea where she is.”

Kashaya narrated that problems started when he noticed a change in his wife’s attitude, and when he called her attention to it,  she challenged him to work hard to improve his sex ‘skills’ since he was no longer hitting the mark, H-metro stated.

“My wife started behaving awkwardly late last year, sometimes, she could sleep across the bed and I had to sleep in the dining room or another spare room.

“A few weeks ago, she failed to turn up for a family get-together party we were having and that is when my first son said ‘mummy has gone home to her parents’.

“I thought she was going to come back, but she did not until I lodged a report with the police,” Kashaya stated.

Kashaya said when his wife returned home, she did not say where she had gone and became uncontrollable until last Thursday when she told him that she was no longer interested in continuing with the marriage.

“I told her if she was no longer interested in me, she had to give me a divorce token because that is our culture. I was stressed and started drinking too much beer,” added Kashaya.

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