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Weep Not For Amosun  by Adelani Jimoh

Immediate past Governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, would never cease to amuse with his concocted lies and perfidy in order to befuddle the psyche of the good people of the Gateway State. 

The water he drinks is filled with lies. The meals he takes are wrapped with lies. His clothes smell lies. When he belches, he emits lies. Whatever he says, he spews lies. Everything about him represents and depicts a bundle of lies.

Weep not for Amosun as he deserves no pity and empathy for his current political travails within the Ogun state hierarchy of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The parallel State Congress of the party held at Ake Palace Arcade, Abeokuta, on Saturday, October 16, 2021 which culminated into violent clashes was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

To correct the erroneous impression, it was a sort of buck-passing by traducers in a bid to shift attention from self-blame. 

What actually played out at the Ake Arcade was a supremacy battle between and among contending gladiators within Amosun’s faction. It was a privileged moment for the feuding parties to seize the occasion to extract every pound of flesh on each other. 

“He who is being fed with lies may not know but the person that tells the lies knows within himself that he is telling lies”. The attack was stage-managed by Amosun and his co-travellers. The questions are: Where did the conveners get armed police protection without resorting to the Ogun State Commissioner of Police (CP) for approval? Why didn’t the IMPORTED ARMED POLICEMEN and OPERATIVES OF THE NIGERIA SECURITY AND CIVIL DEFENCE CORPS (NSCDC) swing into action and arrest the attackers, but until officers and men of the Ogun State Command headquarters rose to the occasion, brought the situation under control and arrested the suspects? Why did the IMPORTED ARMED POLICEMEN flee and scamper for safety? Who approved the use of the Ake Palace Arcade for an illegal gathering in the name of the so-called Parallel State Congress, despite a previous day bulletin by the Ogun State Police Command, warning against holding such an illegality, following a prior intelligence gathering? Who is fooling who? By and large, it was suspicious that weapons (among the missing ones) used at the event to cause commotion might be among those Amosun allegedly imported into the country during his tenure as Governor between 2011 and 2019, without evidence that they were legally acquired as reported by PREMIUM TIMES in its publication titled, “EXCLUSIVE: GOVT CONFIRMS AMOSUN ILLEGALLY IMPORTED 1,000 AK-47 GUNS, TWO MILLION BULLETS”, dated November 8, 2019. 

“The scandal was first exposed when PREMIUM TIMES reported that Mr Amosun surrendered 1,000 units of AK-47 rifles, millions of bullets, an Armoured Personnel Carrier, bulletproof vests and helmets to the police in Abeokuta without evidence they were legally acquired.

“Security sources who spoke with PREMIUM TIMES and provided tips about the handing over said the source of the weapons was highly suspicious.

“They expressed fears that the former Governor might have smuggled more arms into the country than he publicly declared and handed over to the police”.

However, the Ake Palace saga speaks to the fate of men who have been overtaken by hubris, covetousness and rigidity. The parallel Congress was a subtle contrivance, designed to foment trouble in order to create anarchy by heating up the polity, having failed with various intrigues and dirty tricks to make the state ungovernable.

In a political party structure, we have the hierarchies where ward congresses were held in the 236 wards that make up the state. By practice, as laid in the Constitution of the party, it was at these ward congresses that five (5) delegates were elected per ward. By implications, the five (5) delegates elected at the ward level were the main body that were to vote at the State Congress. 

The election that produced the likes of Chief Yemi Sanusi (State Chairman), Comrade Tunde Oladunjoye (Publicity Secretary) and others at MKO Abiola Stadium, Kuto, Abeokuta, as the authentic executives was the one conducted by a seven-member congress committee sent from the APC national headquarters, Abuja, and monitored by the officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) led by the Ogun State Resident Electoral Commissioner, Mr Olusegun Agbaje.

Nonetheless, it should be a shame to Amosun to think he is still relevant in the political calculus of the state. He soon forgot that the civilised, enlightened and educated people of the state have not forgiven and forsaken his openly hostile, vindictive, deceptive, ethnic-biased and religious bigotry style of governance which brought untold hardship on them during his eight-year tenure in office. He plunged the state into huge financial burdens. He embarked on white elephant projects which were of no economic benefits. His baits for his successor (Abiodun) were some of the uncompleted abandoned road projects, flyovers, judicial complex, 50-bedroom State Hospital, Model Colleges and his much-touted “legacy projects” that run into several billions of naira, dot every part of the state and which he claimed he had fully paid up.  

Summarily, Amosun bit the fingers that fed him. He forgot his source. He was rude to the party’s elders. He waged war against perceived enemies. He played politics with peoples’ lives, with his lies of, “Gbogbo e ni a ma se” (It is everything we are going to do before leaving office). While in the saddle, he converted the state into personal family estate in the day-to-day running of the business of governance. He ran a one-man show. He bled the treasury of the state to near empty, before vacating office. He didn’t hide his disdain for the other two senatorial districts (Ogun West and Ogun East) and flaunted himself as Governor of Ogun Central. He castrated the treasuries of all the local governments to develop the state capital, without recourse to their infrastructural growth and development.


Crying wolves where there is none is a great disservice Amosun and his co-travellers have done to themselves. The Ogun State Police Command has done the needful and apprehended six of the suspects behind the attack and also paraded them before the newsmen. 


Asking the Governor to break his silence and react over the attack would amount to doublespeak in as much the Commissioner of Police has taken the responsibility to parade the suspects before newsmen at the Command headquarters, Eleweran, Abeokuta. 


Even, despite hiding behind a finger, it is crystal clear that posterity will never forgive Amosun for unleashing untold hardship of today on the better tomorrow of the good people of the Gateway State during his tenure in office. 


Your successor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, the current Ogun State Governor, is not the architect of your current travails, but it is advisable that you turn elsewhere and seek restitution or beg those you have offended in the past before seeking the face of God. 

A word is enough for the wise. 

Jimoh wrote from Ake, Abeokuta.

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