We used religious leaders to influence Nigeria’s 2007 elections, boasts SCL

The SCL Group boasted it used religious leaders to influence the outcome of the 2007 elections, a report has said.Christopher Wylie

According to the Canadian Globe and Mail report, SCL – which is the parent company of Cambridge Analytica – also considered bribing voters to vote for the incumbent government in the general elections. The firm, however, jettisoned the idea because it decided that such “financial incentives” would be ineffective. It concluded that the voters had so much contempt for politicians that they would simply take the money and mark their ballot for someone else.

The report said documents providing details of SCL activities in Nigeria were released by Canadian whistle-blower Christopher Wylie to a committee of the British House of Commons.

SCL worked for the Federal Government in the 2007 election. It said it advised the FG that “a more effective strategy might be to persuade opposition voters not to vote at all.”

The company said it helped achieve this result “by organizing anti-election rallies on the day of polling in opposition strongholds.”

These anti-election rallies were “conducted by local religious figures to maximize their appeal especially among the spiritual, rural communities,” it said.


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