Two Benue State University students write exams in wedding gowns

Two final-year Mass Communication students of the Benue State University were pictured writing their exam in their wedding gowns.

It was gathered that the exam, Com 402: Media Law and Ethics, was scheduled for Saturday and it clashed with their weddings. And since the exam couldn’t be shifted, the two brides stormed the hall in their gowns.

Mass Comm Department BSU in the news again, two graduating students in the Department today wrote their last examination Com 402: Media Law and Ethics in their wedding gowns.
The exam was scheduled for today and it clashed with their wedding. Standard academic practice, the exam cannot be shifted so they took time off their wedding ceremony to write their final exams.
The course instructor is Dr Benjamin Ogbu, he is a seasoned academic,he published both locally and internationally.

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