The Political life of an activist by Olufemi Nuberu

They are like heavy equipments to road usage. During the opening of new roads, bulldozers, graders and other heavy machineries are often required for the construction. But, immediately after the construction, only Jeeps and other exotic cars that never take part in the road construction are desirable to ply the roads.

Even, where few of the constructor machines find their ways on the road, they are viewed with contempt, due to the slow but steady pace at which they move.
One thing is certain, they rarely get involved in major road’s calamities because they are always very scarce on the road they constructed just as scanty patriotic activists are found on the corridor of power.

The illustrations above, explains the life cycle of critical minded activists who cherish the act of opening new roads, repair of the poorly constructed and overused ones.

At the inception of many political initiatives aimed at wrestling the control of powers from the incumbent, most trained ideologies are recruited for their styling qualities in critical and analytical campaigns and mobilisation of the society for the common goals.

Their powers of persuasion, are often put to bear in creative writing, polemic and oratory prowess for the common goals of the groups and the society at large.

At this stage, hardly would a meeting hold without them be it at the ward, LG , state or national levels all subject to the scope of the project.
When he champions the course, you hear encomium like, he is sound, very critical, ideologically,he does not take rubbish to mention but a few.

However, just like the heavy machineries that are kept in the dockyards and whisked out of the road they helped to construct, most pathfinders suffer unduly in the hands of the beneficiaries of their services.

Just as the strong metallic chains that gave those equipment strong anchorage on the roads becomes undesirable on the tarred roads, the hitherto appreciated dexterities and abilities suddenly become vices to associate with when government is established.

At the establishment of the government, headiness replaces principle, talkativeness replaces oracy, activist in place of leader, ‘too know’ replaces brilliance and he socially becomes an outcast in the edifice he built with his sweat and endowment.

May God Almighty bless you all.

We are used to it.

Com. NUBERU, A . Olufemi
04/ 11/ 2019

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