PLATFORM TIMES and its journalism emptiness, a medium that belongs to the trash

Few days ago after my sojourn in Abuja, I saw a news claiming that Ogun state governor is planning a relocation of its office from Oke-Mosan in Abeokuta to the governor’s house in Iperu, I was surprise seeing such move, I quickly called my long time friend, Kunle who is the CPS to the governor.

I was even raving badly telling Kunle why should the government be making such wasteful moves when nothing is wrong with the office at Abeokuta, I told him that was why people are having bad thoughts about Nigeria and its leaders.

To my surprise, I never knew I was acting and lamenting on a fake news until I saw the real complimentary card of the governor that has its address to be Oke-Mosan. I yelled inside myself and said “those young social media guys got me”

In my usual way of getting to root of a matter, I tried digging deep about the news medium called PLATFORM TIMES, I got to know it is an online blog that does not have a single physical office anywhere in Ogun state or Nigeria at large and I was told some young guys who, maybe out of their unemployment, are the once operating it. I felt bad about what those guys engage themselves into. I could not but pity them and the level of unemployment in Nigeria.

To my information, I got to know those young guys have been writing many of such fake stories to get the attention of people in government. They might be doing that to get something to their pockets or get the government to call them for jobs. All their actions speak such.

Not done yet, I was later told those guys always attend government functions to beg for money so that they can publish activities of the govt on their blog. I shook my head in shame and pity.

These are reasons I have always been calling out govt to make jobs available for young graduates so that won’t be engaging in shady deals because of what to eat.

Those guys should know the profession of journalism should not be dragged to mud and unsuspecting readers should also note that their blog should be treated as emptiness and a trash.

These guys can be trained about ICT and get a job for themselves rather than writing junk stories to get money from government. They should harness their writing prowess in a more resourceful and legitimate ways.

I will be glad if they can contact me for ICT trainings and I can also help them seek opportunities in Dublin where I reside.

As I call them to shun those treacherous acts, I wish them well in their future endeavour.


Slyvester Adejare
Dublin City, Ireland
Email: Slvydaname@yahoo.com

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