Petach foundation on the 5th of April took time to visit the elderlies (60years and above) in different streets across the city of Ijebu Ode to mark the 2021 Easter celebration where they were gifted foodstuffs, they listened to their stories, talked and prayed with them.

Petach foundation is designed to help and support the aged in our society cutting across all ethnic groups, religion, belief, etc.
With it’s head office in Ijebu Ode where the outreach kicked off hoping to move round the country in a short while…
Newsmen while speaking to the founder of the foundation ‘Banjo Adedolapo’ made it known that Petach foundation has come into existence to give hope and support to the elderly ones in our community.
“I feel bad and devastated whenever I am on the street and I see an elderly one who is suffering from one thing or the other and proper care is not taken by their children/family and the government in this part of the world is not really looking into that but Petach foundation has come to fill that gap,” she said.
Concluding her speech, she added “our aged parents need financial, emotional and health support and it’s so sure we are all coming to this stage in life and would not want to be neglected, so why do we neglect them?”

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