Ogun Government in a giant stride by Divine Oyindamola Osas

The ideology behind the initiative of Governor Dapo Abiodun’s Ranching in Ogun state ought to be met with resounding applauds throughout the country.

This should be implemented in place of the Rural grazing area (RUGA) initiative as being pursued by the Fulani herdsmen which does not only pose a threat to the unravelling of Nigeria’s artificially maintained facade of unity but seemingly sticks out as a colonization plot by the Fulanis.


Ranching in Ogun if successfully executed would stand as an example by the Dapo Abiodun’s led administration to other states. Well, RUGA is dangerous for at least three reasons. First, it would create a special category of Nigerians, Fulani herdsmen, based on their ethnicity and way of life.

Second, it would accord to those “special” citizens privileges and advantages not accorded to other Nigerians, contrary to section 42 of the Constitution. And, third, it would offend the sensibilities of the nationalities that have suffered untold injustices in the hands of the seemingly untouchable herdsmen, thus subjecting the people of those nationalities to humiliation as second-class citizens.


Let’s not forget STILL that pastoral agro-ecosystem is a private entity and appropriating grazing areas for this course hold no Economic advantage to the state, it only vies to enrich and strengthen a particular sect of Nigerians Whatever other truly improved system of exploiting the pastoral agro-ecosystem as practiced by the Fulani herdsmen up north, it seems it seldom can indict sedentarized tendencies and rarely can it be less intensive than ranching. All hands should be on deck as we urge all well meaning Sons of the state to embrace this scheme as it promises to enrich the pockets of the state in

1. BEEF PRODUCTION: This would reduce costing of beef. Good for the citizens and enriches the pockets of the states.

2. DIARY/MILK PRODUCTION: The availability of quality milk in the State encourages the production of diary products like *_condensed milk, yogurts, cheese and ice cream_*. All of which when sold produces returns to the state Government and makes things easier for the citizens.

3. EMPLOYMENT: The absence of a renewed census the Federal Government cannot deduce the actual amount of unemployed hands to match it with a capable labour, hence its efforts has always been like throwing stone into a well and then listening to hear the sound and how long it took it to resonate before determining the depth of the well. But with this Ranching initiative the state Government would be seen as taking care of its own as the workforce needed in running it is widely vast.
_These and many much more like the production of cow hides, buttons, calcium even manure for farmers from the cow’s dung._

Besides this goes a long way to show that we have a thinking and proactive head in the seat of leadership for the Ogun state people, a man who is interested in making the state better than what he sees each time he travels out of the country. Ranching has always been an alien word from the developed western world. We hear of cowboys not Fulani herdsmen, and no better time to act than now, when we are about to be ordered to give up our lands, now when unemployment in the country is at its peak.

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