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Following series of endorsements of Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola also known as Yayi as the most qualified aspirant to contest for the governorship seat in Ogun state in 2019, a minor powerful clique against his eventual emergence are running from pillar to post looking for ‘evidence’ to disqualified or exclude him from the race he is poised to win.

SENATOR ADEOLA YAYI Investigations conducted revealed that the clique out of desperation of failure of previous attempt to blackmail Senator Adeola has resorted to passing off false allegations to bloggers to publish as a way of showing that Senator Adeola is unfit for the post of governor of Ogun state in spite of his huge popularity among the electorate.

One of such allegation which was thoroughly investigated has to do with change of name by senator Adeola from Sulaiman Ogunleye to Solomon Adeola. The clique believes that something must be fishy for Senator Adeola to change his name in this manner. Unfortunately for these political blackmailers the reasons for the change are not a secret for those that had followed the meteoric rise of Senator Adeola as a Nigerian.

Our investigations reveal that Senator Adeola was born a muslim and his father’s name was Abdugafar Ayinde Adeola Ogunleye. His name at birth which appeared in his documents is Sulaiman Ogunleye which was what he used even as a staff of Guardian Newspapers where he worked meritoriously for about 12 years. As an adult Senator Adeola took a decision and converted to Christainity as his religion. This act of faith necessitated his change of name to reflect his new faith and he thus change his names to Solomon Olamilekan Adeola picking Adeola from his family name over ‘Ogunleye’ which reflect a certain level of traditional religion..

Our investigation reveals that the change of name followed due process and was published in at least two national dailies as part of the process. Since then he has presented the change of name alongside his official documents for all the clearance he got to contest elections four consecutive times to such government agencies as INEC, DSS etc. One is aware that such change of name is not unusual as even the incumbent governor of Ogun state father’s name was Sanusi Amosun but he chose to bear Amosun as his surname. As it is senator Adeola is in the process of yet changing his name as his sobriquet Yayi has gain so much ground that it would be unwise for him not to officially include it among his name. Even the Senator President, Senator Bukola Saraki usually refers to Seanator Adeola as Senator Yayi as many other senators.

The political blackmailers that had conjured issues such as indigeneship of Seantor Adeola are further spreading vile rumour of alleged fraud against the Senator while in the employ of the Guardian Newspaper. From all available records, Senator Adeola served without blemish and resigned to join another firm of auditors. And if such records are available, it would have counted against him in screening for all the political offices he has held so far.

As it is the Senator is unruffled and is continuing with his massive consultation and mobilization across Ogun State with various groups endorsing him daily.

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