Nigeria’s House of Reps member’s son, Abraham Badru, shot dead in the UK

Abraham Badru, the son of a Nigeria’s House of Representative member, Dolapo Badru, has been shot dead in London, in what Police say is the 12th violent death in 10 days.

Abraham BadruBadru, a Masters degree holder,  was gunned down in a street near his family’s London home in  Dalston, Hackney, just after 11 pm on Sunday.

The 26-year-old Nigerian had been given an award for bravery by UK police years ago when he saved a woman from a sex attack.

Police say they found Badru slumped on the pavement after storming the area over reports of a loud gunshot.

He was pronounced dead a short time later. His mother, who had rushed to his side, was seen by witnesses collapsed in tears on the pavement.

Abraham’s 62-year-old father, Dolapo Badru, who represents Lagos Island I at the House of Representatives on the platform of All Progressives Congress, described his son as a “quiet and hard-working” young man.

He said Abraham once saved a young woman from rape on the estate and later gave evidence which led to her attacker being jailed.

“A few years ago a girl was raped on the estate and Abraham fought them off,” he said in an Evening Standard report.

“He went to court to testify against them and the police gave him an award.”

Abraham reportedly has a fiancee in Nigeria and friends have described him as an outgoing young man who was trying to make a life for himself.

A friend said,

“He had just finished studying a masters in sport at the university. He was a bubbly guy and worked so hard. We went to the same church as kids.

“His mother is a devout Christian. I’m lost for words. I just cannot believe it. He was the nicest guy, very happy and outgoing.”

Witnesses said that Abraham was coming from a church service and was shot while getting out of his car.

One neighbour said,

“As soon as I heard the bang, I knew it was a gunshot. I went to my balcony and saw a man slumped over on the ground at the back of a car.

“There was just one shot and a cry of pain. No speeding scooter and no speeding car.”

There have been no arrests.

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