Nigerians enjoyed buoyant economy, free speech under Jonathan, Timi Frank tells Buhari

Deputy national publicity secretary of the All Progressives Congress, (APC) and a member of the revived new Peoples Democratic Party, (nPDP) Timi Frank has indicted the President Muhammadu Buhari administration of falling short of the expectations of Nigerians.
Timi Frank
Timi Frank

In an open letter addressed to President Buhari, he appraised the state of the economy and the insecurity challenge under the present administration and submitted that they were better managed under the last administration of Dr Goodluck Jonathan.

He noted that all the ailments afflicting the nation which the present administration promised to tackle have since “morphed into a killer virus waiting to consume its patient (Nigeria) as the clock ticks away.
The APC deputy publicity secretary claimed the economy was thriving better under the last administration while the anti-corruption crusade has turned out to be a hoax.
He said: “Today there is hardship everywhere with the price of fuel now N145 per as against the N85 that it was being sold when you assumed office – the over N1.4trillion already paid by your government as fuel subsidy notwithstanding. You will agree with me, Mr. President, that a report of this magnitude coming from a foreign government should be a cause for serious concern as it posits that your Anti-Corruption Agenda is merely a hoax.
Furthermore, your famous slogan of “belonging to everybody and belonging to nobody” has turned out to be a mere Public Relations gimmick, meant to soothe the egos of the spectators that were present at your historic swearing-in-ceremony.
“Mr. President, it may also interest you to know that the economy under your watch has been terribly battered, with all the economic indices indicating that we are yet to recover from the recession of 2016, owing to your ill-conceived policies as against the rhetoric of the erstwhile administration being responsible for our woes.
“The GDP growth before you took over the government and three years after being in the saddle of governance attests to the woeful failure of government policies while gambling with the nation’s economic gains. The high unemployment and poverty rate as released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) should be a cause of concern to any well-meaning Nigerian, as the masses can barely survive with their current meagre income which leaves them with little or no savings to embark on other meaningful economic ventures to better their lot.”
“Furthermore sir, I am sure that you’re aware that the level of insecurity in the country now has reached an all-time high with an average of at least 50 deaths weekly to the bewilderment of the already wearied population, whose hopes are dashed on a daily basis. Only last week over 120 persons were kidnapped along the Birnin-Gwari Road in Kaduna State. The farmers/herders crises have continued to claim precious lives as if the nation is in a state of war.
Moreover, the statement credited to you that the killer herdsmen were trained by the late Moumar Gadaffi of Libya is most unfortunate as nothing is being done to police the borders in order to prevent them from coming in as well as declaring a state of emergency on these murderous killers.
“More so, the statement credited to former Minister of Defence, Gen. T.Y. Danjuma came as another rude shock to Nigerians on the state of our security architecture in the nation, not also forgetting the statements attributed to former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, reemphasising, that the government under your watch has failed Nigerians.”
While accusing the present administration of lack of fidelity to rule of law and free speech, the APC chieftain admonished President Buhari “to arrest the situation and restore peace, security and rule of law in the country and confidence in the people once more.”

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