NEW DETAILS ON OTEDOLA TANKER EXPLOSION! Danfo didn’t cause the accident, fuel laden truck had a brake failure, lost control and went into flames [Video]

A video has surfaced online detailing what actually caused the tragic tanker explosion that occurred on Thursday evening at Otedola bridge, Lagos State as against what was earlier reported.

According to a video shared on Facebook by one Soji Ogunnaike, the fuel-laden tanker was seen to have experienced a brake failure.

The fuel-laden tanker was at a normal speed limit while on the bridge when he had a brake failure and started rolling backwards.

In the video, the man who recorded it was driving beside the tanker when he swiftly changed his lane and sped off after observing the long vehicle rolling backwards with the conductors trying to stop it with a wedge.

The tanker lost control and rammed into other vehicles before it turned over and spilt its content and eventually went into flames.

The man who was making a phone call was heard saying,

“Fold your arms and watch.

“Ah meh, my God Funmi hold on, hold on, an accident will happen now.” 

“The trailer has lost control. Hey, it has spilled petrol. Thank God I have escaped. Ha, it has it has spilled petrol. I have escaped.”

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