Man who dumped me years ago recently hit my Range Rover with his okada -Lizzy Anjorin

Lizzy Anjorin, actress and producer, has narrated how she ran into a man who dumped her years ago “to marry a commissioner[sic] friend’s daughter”.

Lizzy AnjorinThe Nollywood star said she was suicidal when the unnamed man ended their relationship.

Running into him, recently, after he bashed her Range Rover with his okada(motorcycle), the actress said she fled the scene in shock.

She recalled the experience in a post which she shared on Instagram.

Anjorin wrote: “One okada man hit my Range Rover and I rushed down to fight the okada man, I removed his helmet to fight him to my greatest surprise, it was the guy that left me to marry commissioner friend’s daughter, then I ran back to my car and left in disbelief then something came to my mind so I started thinking of when the oniranu left me and how I almost commit suicide not knowing God’s plan is bigger than humans own.

“Some men are like bolar (those guys that pick dirty and rotten irons): even when they see gold or diamond, even things that can help their life, they will rather mash it together and sell it to recycling company.”

The entertainer went on to appeal to parents and the government to do better in training the male child, saying men are contributing to female unemployment.

“As a female child from a humble or hidden background, you will definitely face a lot of rejection and heartbreaking from men,” she wrote.

“Parent and Govt. should work more on male child bcos the rate men are jumping from one girl to another is too alarming.

“Who realise that men are contributing to joblessness of ladies and they are proudly converting women both married and single to cheap prostitution becos[sic] men invests unnecessarily on ladies with no work…”

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