Man impregnates mother-in-law, says he was seduced

A 45-year-old farmer and carpenter identified as John Ulaha, is reported to have impregnated his mother-in-law—the 42-year-old mother of his wife.

Their relationship started last September when the 42-year-old Ashetu Igbasue, relocated to Awe, Nasarawa to harvest her farm.

She told a newspaper the affair started as a joke on the farm, which later led to sex at night when they returned from farm, and then resulted in pregnancy three months later.

The pregnancy prompted her to confess to her daughter, who went public with the account.

“I agreed to his demand for sex and thought it was just to satisfy his sexual feelings, but somehow, it became a daily thing,” she told a newspaper, according to TVC.

“I never thought I could get pregnant due to my age. I told my daughter the truth so that we can get a solution to it and out of anger she went public with it.

She intends to terminate the pregnancy and her daughter had earlier agreed to help procure one, insisting she could not keep it.

“The whole thing was a temptation and I completely regret it. I have pleaded for forgiveness from her,” her Agbasue said.

The incident has put the marriage between her daughter and her lover through stress.

But her lover, Ulaha, claimed his mother-in-law seduced him while they worked or ate on the farm.

“She would always sit half-naked before me; at first, it was embarrassing to me,” he said.

“But I later discovered that her actions were an open invitation and as a man, I was tempted at a point, and that led to something else. And we both continued in that order until our actions resulted in pregnancy.”

His wife, and the daughter of his lover, Victoria is disappointed.

“It would have been better for him to get a second wife who will be stationed at home or even look for a girlfriend to satisfy him in my absence rather than going into a love affair with my own mother; it is a very shameful thing and an abomination of the highest order; it is wrong.”

She has said she will take action, once the shock wears off, but she isn’t quitting the marriage.


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