K1’s Boys Attack Popular Broadcaster, MC Murphy at Olu Itori 60th Birthday Party

Fuji music star, King Wasiu Ayinde Anifowoshe Marshal, popularly known as K1 is in the news again. Though this time, not about an allegation of making out with one of the wives of the Alaafin of Oyo, HRM Lamidi Adeyemi, Iku Baba Yeye, who bestowed him with the lofty title of Mayegun of Yoruba Land in January, 2020, but also for a not too good reason. This time around, the news is about K1’s boys brutalization of a popular broadcaster, Chief Moroof Sorounke better known as MC Murphy.

Where and how?
It was the 60th birthday of Oba Fatai Akorede Akamo, the Olu of Itori, on Thursday, 1st of October, 2020. And it was during the performance of K1 who arrived the party around 6 pm that what led to the brutalization happened.

According to eye witnesses, MC Murphy took one of his media clients who deals in real estate to K1’s stage to spray money on the top artiste while he expected that K1 would reciprocate the gesture by praise-singing the realtor.

However, the stage manager of K1 who had collected names of people to be eulogised by K1 including that of the realtor had written the realtor’s name wrongly. And it was at the point of showing the names to K1 that MC Murphy was said to have sighted it and began to complain that, “wo bi eleyi se ko oruko” (look at how this one wrote a person’s name). And the expectation of MC Murphy was, according to reports, for K1 to tell his stage manager to go and correct the name, but when that did not happen, MC Murphy reportedly asked his client to let them leave the stage for them and return to their seat.

But that action was said to have infuriated K1 because the man that MC Murphy asked to leave the stage with him was already holding bales of Naira notes he wanted to spray on K1, but the spraying of money by the man would no longer happen. And K1 was said to have told some of his boys on stage to go after MC Murphy as he walked off the stage with the realtor.

K1 was said to have felt that MC Murphy embarrassed him by taking the potential spender on his stage away with the money.

So, by the time MC Murphy would get back to his seat, K1’s boys had caught up with him and descended on him by man handling him seriuosly, apparently based on the instruction they must have been given by their boss. And it reportedly took the intervention of some top society men sitting close to MC Murphy’s seat to prevent the situation that would have disrupted the party totally, from really getting out of hand. And by the intervention of the said men of means, MC Murphy was said to have been asked by them to prostrate to, and beg K1 to douse the tension, which the broadcaster did reluctantly.

Afterwards, K1 was said to have stretched an Olive Branch to MC Murphy by asking him to make sure he stuck around till the end of the event so they could leave the party together. And this was after K1 was said to have handed MC Murphy some bales of Naira notes to obviously placate him over the assault. And one other reason imputed by those who know MC Murphy well for the later K1’s good gesture towards him, was said to have been done to prevent MC Murphy from mobilising boys for reprisal attack against K1 and his boys, if MC Murphy was allowed to leave the event before the end.

Meanwhile, what other guests at the party were said to be saying in hush tones after witnessing the embarrassing scenario of fisticuffs between K1’s boys and MC Murphy in public was that, the showing was unbiffitting for a personality that carries the title of Mayegun of Yoruba Land. As such a person is expected to be a peace-maker and a trouble-maker.

Credit: Saheed Ojubanire.

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