Ekiti APC Primary: I have no anointed candidate – Tinubu

As aspirants slugged it out for the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship ticket in the party’s primary election in Ekiti on Saturday, APC National Leader, Bola Tinubu, said in Lagos that he had no anointed candidate.

Mr Tinubu spoke with journalists in Ikeja as the APC held its ward congresses in Lagos.

The winner of Saturday’s primary election will fly the party’s flag in the July 14 Ekiti governorship election, in which the APC is seeking to oust the Peoples Democratic Party in the state.

“I believe those in charge of the primary in Ekiti will do the right thing. I have put my own political gear in neutral.

“I have no anointed candidate. Everyone there aspiring and contesting are very dear members and they deserve the right to participate.

“About 33 of them in all, and we only need one seat for governorship. We have had leadership discussions. I like the fact that they showed up respectfully and committed to the peace and stability of the party in that State,” Mr Tinubu told newsmen.

He said that feelers from Ekiti showed that things had been going on smoothly.

“We have responsible leadership around there.

“Sincerely, I had wanted to be in Ekiti but when you have this situation where Congress is holding the same time their primary is holding, charity begins at home; I must stay in Lagos to ensure that I help them.

“There are capable leaders over there that will see to the smooth exercise of the primaries in Ekiti,” Mr Tinubu said.

Speaking on the ward congresses in Lagos, Mr Tinubu urged party members to conduct themselves peacefully to help the country grow and progress democratically.

He also urged them report any complaint at the party headquarters, rather than take laws into their hands.

”Until the various officials conducting the congresses write their reports, my own decision is to continue to appeal to the party to conduct themselves peacefully and comply with the rule of law.

”If they have any complaints, they should write to the party headquarters and just don’t take laws into their hands.

”I am proud of what is happening. I am very proud of the leadership. The leaders are for everybody; no biases, and they should move on peacefully and help the country to grow and progress democratically,” he said.

Mr Tinubu said he was impressed with the turnout of members at the ward congresses

“I am very happy and proud of our party, All Progressives Congress, the APC. We are demonstrating to the people across the country that we are a law abiding political party.

”We believe in the tenets of democracy and that we demonstrate the openness in the congresses across the country, particularly.

”I can speak emphatically about Lagos that things are going according to plan, very open and transparent. People queued up behind whoever they want, no pre-ordained candidate. The turn-out is very impressive.

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