A cute little boy photobombs a street wedding shoot and the internet can’t get enough

When bread seller, Olajumoke Orisaguna walked right into TY Bello’s photoshoot for British-Nigerian rapper, Tinie Tempah in 2016, her story changed completely. While Olajumoke’s fame soared sky high, photobombs also became fully registered in Nigerian pop culture.

Cute boyFor this little boy who is oblivious to Olajumoke Orisaguna’s story, Nigeria’s pop culture narrative or what photobombs even mean, it was just another mischievous, harmless move, characteristic of kids.

The photographer, @ayaworanmediahouse who captured the moment while on an original mission of taking traditional wedding photos for a couple shared the rare shot on Instagram with a note, “I was about taking a shot when this lil man came right in front of me to pose for a shot,had to suspend my shot to take his first. Moral lesson for me: Never look down on anyone,no matter how they dress or look. Also remember no one knows tomorrow. You never can tell this lil man could be Nigeria President someday…“.

The one month-old post recently started getting the attention of social media users and the outpour of love is so heartwarming.

There’s a lesson or two to learn from the kid:

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