CRUEL AUNTY! Burns hungry niece with hot knife for using her N100 to buy biscuits [Photo]

A cruel aunty has reportedly burnt her 11-year-old girl niece with a hot kitchen knife for spending her N100 without her consent in Bayelsa State.

The inhuman treatment was brought to public notice by one Tare Maureen Tee after she shared pictures of the innocent girl on her Facebook page.

Tare said the young girl who was hungry took her aunty’s N200 and used N100 to buy biscuits to eat.

She said the girl’s aunty who was angry because her niece used her N100 without her permission decided to punish her.

Tare said the girl’s aunty placed a knife on fire and when the knife had become very hot, she used it to burn the young girl on her bum and thigh.

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