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COVID-19: Arabambi Re-Writes Governor Abiodun, NCDC To Compel Ladi Adebutu, Aides To Disclose Status

The Ogun State Chapter of Labour Party (LP) Chairman, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi has written another letter to remind the Ogun state governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun and The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control to compel former House of Representatives member, Hon. Ladi Adebutu to disclose his COVID-19 status.

A copy of the letter obtained by our reporter and addressed to Governor Abiodun and copied the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control dated 29th April,2020 tittle RE: LETTER OF APPEAL TO THE GOVERNOR ON THE RICH SUSPECTED COVID – 19 VICTIMS WHO ARE HIDING THEIR STATUS IN THE STATE: LADI ADEBUTU DELIBERATE SABOTAGE FIGHT AGAINST PRINCE DAPO ABIODUN LED ADMINISTRATION COVID-19 PANDEMIC EFFORT

He said the second letter became necessary to avoid any situation that can rubbish the effort of the state government in combating the spread of the dreaded disease, coronavirus. He asked Adebutu and Associates to emulate former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

He accused Hon Ladi Adebutu and his political aides of deliberately sabotaging the Covid-19 intervention efforts of Governor Dapo Abiodun led Administration in Ogun State through their silence and flagrant refusal to submit themselves for test and non disclosure of the status of those that has gone for the test.

His words “It is now public knowledge that Hon Adebutu and his political aides in the three senatorial district of Ogun State knowingly ,intentionally and wistfully choose to aid the spread of covid-19 surge by promoting the inconveniences, pains and losses associated with the Corona virus in Ogun State

” At this point today , it is the 3rd day and 72 hours since the Governor got alerted about Ladi Adebutu covid -19 status. It is no more a rumour that the Medical Doctor who has been attending to him secretly and privately has been isolated.

“It is medically and officially acknowledged that corona virus takes 14days to incubate.

“This very alarming development ought to galvanize the State Governor into action on Adebutu Ladi’s Covid- 19 status immediately else we might have over 20,000 index cases in the next 30days

” This has become a very dangerous and an extremely avoidable risk which compromises the good people of Ogun State.

” Mr Governor Sir , let us consider the following points :

(1) Is Ladi Adebutu’s individual bigness so much high that it can be equated with the lives of possibly thousands of Ogun State citizens ?
(2) As at today , it is a known truth that Ladi Adebutu has severally taking part in various meeting and contacts with hundreds of innocent citizens who in turn have gone ahead to be in another set of more hundreds of Ogun Citizens.

Take Alhaji Semiu Sodipo and Engr Bayo Dayo as a couple of those who have been moving and interacting with several other people who in turn have also been freely mingling with family and friends all over Abeokuta and Ijebu Igbo respectively and the possible consequences of this.

(3) Why is the State Government being reluctant to take the Internationally established procedural steps on this matter ?. Does it mean that Adebutu Ladi and his fellow suspected virus infected partners could this much intimidating to the Government ?.

(4) From this very moment , the NCDC will be made to see the dangerous but avoidable disaster Ogun Citizens are being subjected to and the seeming reluctance of the State Government to take steps that could keep the possibility of an unprecedented explosion of the in the spreading of the virus in Ogun State.
Being rich doesn’t make one’s life more important or more special as to be seen as equal to thousands of other lives .
We have seen many victims of the virus who made no secret of their status and thus got tested. Just yesterday , the Asiwaju and National Leader of APC was publicly announced to have submitted himself to test on covid- 19.
(5) we trust your excellency that you will not, indulge these few men led by Hon Ladi Adebutu and his men to be allowed to rubbish all the Government’s yeoman’s job on this matter and the very agonising sacrifices of the entire State to go to waste because one person and his partners who certain people considered too big and too rich for the Government to act appropriately.

Let me quote BOLA AHMED TINUBU Media Adviser, Tunde Rahman Statement on the Outcome of COVID-19 Tests. He said

“Covid-19 is a real and present threat. Those of us who discount it or claim it is a fabrication do a grave and dangerous disservice to the public well-being.

Following the death of our well-respected and beloved Chief Security Officer, Alhaji Lateef Raheem, NCDC medics took the wise precaution of taking samples from his body for testing to actually determine the cause of death. Today, the test results are back. The samples tested positive for Covid-19.”

As a precautionary measure taken soon after the death of Alhaji Raheem, His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, his wife, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, and all their aides took COVID-19 tests Saturday, April 25. The results of the tests were returned this morning. Test results for both Asiwaju and Senator TInubu were negative.”

“The results of one aide were positive. The rest of the staff was negative. The one staff member has been isolated in accordance with NCDC guidelines. Further contact tracing and COVID-19 tests are being conducted by the NCDC with regard to the relatives and possible contacts of that staff member.

We once again call on the State Governor to act with quickness without any further delay , to immediately compel Hon Ladi Adebutu to report to Ogun state isolated center while his aides who has contact with him be arrested . More over all their identifiable contacts should be located , made them to do test and get them safely quarantined.

Our reason was because Hon Ladi Adebutu political aides has continue to hold noctunal meetings with over 600 people and this might have affected over 10,000 unsuspecting members of the public despite their status and criminal refusal to submit themselves for test as required by all known Laws and as at today with just 14days incubation period we don’t know how many of such vulnerable people from Iperu has been affected , we don’t know how many from Remo land, we don’t know how many vulnerable people has this symptoms in Ogun east and Ogun Central.

It is our considered and well thought out suggestion that:

(1) The Government should urgently cause all the houses the affected persons isolated.

(2) All their possible traceable contacts should be tested and put in isolation including members of their immediate families and friends alike.

(3) All the political aides who have remained consistently in contact with Ladi Adebutu at PARK IN HOTEL and his residence in IPERU include the suspended Engr Bayo Dayo, Alh Semiu Shodipo, Chief Kola Ogunbiyi (KOLINGAY) Mr Soledolu , Hon. Akinlabi , Mr Austin , Mr Bola Dayo , Mr Adeoye,Hon Adesanya, Mrs Remi Odubote, Seun Adesanya, Mr Alatise, Amu Dickson, Bose Olunla, Mr Jackson , and Alh Moshood Adesina.
Also four local Herbalist Doctor of the suspended Engr Bayo Dayo by name Taiwo Elegbeji , Ifa Sunday , Land Lord and Enimola Araba covid -19 status should also be verified to avert possible escalation of the pandemic

The Government should strongly go out to hunt for the concerned people , get them arrested for immediate testing and isolation.
We responsibly and sincerely recommend with lots of concern that utmost attention and a powerful searchlight should be beamed immediately on PARK IN HOTEL with the vulnerable employees from the topmost to the least who might have been exposed to the dreaded covid- 19 infection through possible contact with the numerous associates, security, personal aides and other sources related to the persons identified here.


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