BREAKING : Major change is happening in the Premier League for the first time in history.

For the first time in Premier League history, full rounds of fixtures will be broadcast under the new TV deal commencing from the 2019 season. 

Due to the 3pm blackout for live football, making it near impossible for full rounds to be shown on the weekends, the new deal will feature full rounds for midweek and Bank Holiday games.

Chelsea v Hull City - Premier League

There are seven TV packages up for grabs, ranging from the standard Saturday midday (A+B) and evening games to midweek and Bank Holiday fixtures (F+G).

This increase will see the league make 200 out of its 380 matches available to be shown on television – an increase of 42 more games than are currently shown.

Throughout the current campaign, there are only three midweek rounds of fixtures, with the mid-December and end of January games on their way. The end of November midweek games have already been played and they provided us with a hatful of goals and entertainment.

The news means that a possible bidding war make once again commence between Sky and Bt to gain the rights to host these extra televised fixtures, although the state of the current climate means it’s unlikely to reach the heights of their previous tussles.

The Premier League have now followed the Football League’s methods, who have already included entire midweek rounds in their broadcasting deal for next season.

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