Breaking: Maina never received salary since Feb 2013 – Adeosun #MainaGate

Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun has said that the last time Abdulrasheed Maina received salary as a civil servant was in February, 2013.
Abdulrasheed MainaTestifying before a House of Representatives panel investigating Maina’s reinstatement, Adeosun said there’s no where that Maina’s record is still existing in the government’s payment system.
Similarly, the Accountant General of the Federation, Ahmed Idris, corroborated Adeosun’s position.
Idris said: “with respect to salary, from my records, I’m saying this categorical that Maina received the last salary in Feb, 2013. He was removed in March. I don’t know from where Maina was getting salary.”
“I checked the system with different combinations of his names, but I didn’t see that. Payment of salary isn’t done just like that. There are slips and other evidence. I think these things should be tendered before you.
Adeosun also said: “we use two platforms to pay salary: IPPI and Gipmis. There was no any record that Maina was paid. His records have been moved to PTAD, and all the data of PTAD staff were captured. No such information is there.”


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