#BBNaija: With a barrage of insults, Cee-C unleashes pent-up anger at Tobi

Using series of expletives, Cee-C tackled Tobi, her former love interest in the Big Brother Naija house, on Wednesday.

Cee c and TobiIt all started when Tobi said he does not like Cee-C anymore.

Cee-C, who had up until that point been secluded by the other housemates, flew into a rage and embarked on a scathing reprieve of Tobi.

She responded by saying: “Go and learn how to be a man, after then, come let’s talk. Till then, close your mouth and be a f***boy that you have always been

“Come and face me, the only thing you know how to do is gossip. In a matter of weeks, you will understand how stupid, worthless and useless you’ve been to me in this house.

“Tell me, what is there about your likeness that is supposed to shake me? There is nothing. Your likeness sucks, smells like s**t.”

At this point, Alex tried to intervene by saying, “Cee-C, it’s okay” but she sharply retorted, “Alex, it’s not your business. Let me face him”.

And she continued: “Your likeness got me nominations [for eviction]. Your likeness was stressing me the f*** out.You spent all your days in this house gossiping Cee-C, painting a bad picture.

“Tobi, you are a matter that has been forgotten since. You are not even the hottest guy that came into this house.”

After hurling more swear words, she added: “You have absolutely nothing to be a woman but your silly ass insensitive jokes.”

At some point, Tobi, who had been quietly smiling while she unleashed the rage, said: “It’s okay.”

But Cee-C was adamant to press home her anger.

She said: “It’s not okay. You have been a child all through in this house. Nothing more, Today, it’s Anto, tomorrow it’s Alex.

“If you are a man, talk. I want you to talk. You have learned absolutely nothing in this house.

“If you have any issue with me, come and face me like a man let’s talk. If not, keep your name out of your stinking mouth.

“You are a worthless piece of s***. Go and become more. You have absolutely nothing to give.

“This is a build-up of all the irritating things you’ve been doing in this house. You have been irritating in this house.

“You put me up for nominations so many times. It didn’t work. I even survived more evictions than you. You’ve been trying to get me out of this house but it didn’t work, young man. Stop burning your energy.

“If you are over Cee-C, behave like you are over Cee-C.”

Afterward, the tables turned around and Tobi started pestering Cee-C.

While trailing her every move, he kept saying: “But you love me… I know you love me, keep talking.”

At some point, Biggie intervened and called Cee-C into the diary room. She returned from the diary room with news that she was to be replaced as head of house.

Despite the pervading tension, the housemates’ task of the day is to keep on smiling, no matter how they may feel.

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