#BBnaija: Cee-C gets a strike and stern warning for provoking Tobi

Big Brother Naija housemate Cee-C has been issued a strike for provoking Tobi during their fight.

Biggie has issued Cee-C a strike for provoking Tobi during their fight earlier today.

Biggie also gave her a stern warning for her use of harsh words during the fight. He commended Tobi for remaining calm for the most part of the incident, and also gave him a word of advice.

The fight between Cee-C and Tobi

It was a dramatic morning in the Big Brother Naija house when an angry Cee-C stomped around the House, hurling insults at Tobi.

Cee-C called him names like: useless, miserable fool, a man who can’t stand on his own, gossip, mumu, ode, oloshi and more.

Celebrities such as Toolz, Kemi Adetiba, Linda Ikeji and DJ Exclusive have reacted to the incident.

Cee-C’s strike in the past

Earlier on the show, Cee-C and her strategic partner Lolu got a double strike after she injured him.

What happened between Lolu and Cee C

During breakfast on day 16, Cee C, who was paired with Lolu for the day wanted to get her belt while Lolu was eating. He asked her to wait until he was done before they could go.

Cee C got angry and shouted at him. Lolu asked her to apologize but she refused, insisting that she had done nothing wrong.

Minutes later, she offered a half-hearted apology, which Lolu refused to accept. She started dragging the harness before she unhooked herself, went to get her belt and returned to bind herself back to Lolu.

After the Head of House called the housemates for a meeting, Lolu asked Cee C to wait for him to wash his plate.

She refused, so he went with her for the meeting. After the meeting, he asked to return to the kitchen to complete his washing, she refused, saying that she wanted to sit down.

When Lolu didn’t move, she started pulling and stretching the strap until it unhooked and hit him very close to his groin, leaving a red mark.

The Reset

On day 56, before the return of evicted housemates Khloe and Anto, Biggie called on Ninja Prime to reset the game. The reset placed all the housemates on zero strike, giving them a fresh start.

If not for the reset, Cee-C’s latest strike would have been her third, which would have in turn meant her disqualification from the show.

Cee-C and four other housemates [Miracle, Tobi, Nina and Alex] are currently contesting for the 45 million naira grand prize.

The grand finale Live Show is set to hold this Sunday, April 22, 2018.

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