‘Abiodun Has No Capacity To Manage Ogun, Confused – Labour Party Chairman

The chairman of Labour Party in Ogun State, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi has described Ogun state Governor , Prince Dapo Abiodun as incompetent , Confused and has no capacity to manage the state.

Labour Party Chairman,Arabambi disclosed this in a statement issued and made available to Ogun Insight in Abeokuta on Saturday.

He said ”noted Dapo Abiodun has been setting up all kinds of irrelevant, irresponsible and wasteful committees since he has assumed office

”The selfish leaders succeeded in rigging Dapo Abiodun into office but the harvest of the whirlwind is here. Today , Dapo Abiodun is two months into office and has convincingly shown to every one that he is lacking terribly in every department of good governance.

”For his two months in office , all he does is to round and round in a circle in the whimsical setting up of all kinds of irrelevant , irresponsible , unnecessary and wasteful committee to give his men Fridays some warped visibility.

”Most amusingly , he released a property yet under investigation and held temporarily by the last government without a Cabinet and didn’t set up any committee either . It is beyond politics”

”Extremely right for everyone to accept the great set of quality project is coming that Amosun delivered”

”This same Amosun was good enough to extend to Dapo Abiodun , a remarkable goodwill to Dapo Abiodun in the contract for the weapons supplies to assist Dapo in trying to redeem part of the humongous personal debt he privately acquired fraudulently in the oil sector that had then grown into a great threat and embarrassment for Dapo . Why should a fresh government be pre – occupied by the tactless interest in setting up various unproductive committees . Yes it is understandable”

”Why should a fresh government be pre – occupied by the tactless interest in setting up various unproductive committees . Yes it is understandable that the ongoing Ogun LP Appeal could have disorganised the temporary Governor enough to make worse than his very incompetent self”

”Why would a fresh Governor holding a stolen mandate be harbouring so much hatred for a political zone like Ogun Central , precisely , the Egbas to the extent of trying to forcefully deny them their due number of higher institutions in a crude manner .

”See again , a fresh government though acknowledged to be illegal and thus standing temporary in the eyes of all go into the redundant House of Assembly with such huge amount of money to purchase the very many reversals to the very many approved civil servants’ promotion , elevation of Obas etc across the State” .

”All contracts approved and fully paid for by the previous Administration on which work had remained ongoing and non – stop by the Contractors have also attracted some meaningless and powerless committee”

”We know that in all of these , Dapo Abiodun only acquired the enmity of Amosun and his objective is to try to discredit the immediate past Governor . Intelligence informed that it is all exercise in futility”

”We are all stakeholders and won’t deny people the pleasure of the already claimed benefits of democracy due to the acrimonious attitude from some evil quarters”

”Again this temporary government of Dapo Abiodun and his acquired political Cancers due to his desperation into the Ogun APC from the PDP Ogun have now turned oddity, a source of great concern , albatross and embarrassment to Ogun APC”

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